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Terms & conditions of sale

1. Terms & conditions:

These are the terms and conditions of our agreement which apply to all purchases of products by you from and you should read them carefully. We may vary these terms from time to time and therefore you should check them before you make a new purchase.

2. Order:

You can submit an order for products to by completing the details required on the order summary page and clicking the send order button. All prices are reflected in EURO and include VAT where applicable. Goods supplied are not for resale. We are under no obligation to accept your order, but would normally do so where the product is available, the order reflects current pricing and your credit card/ debit card payment is approved by your credit card/ debit card company.

The display of any product on our website is in no way an offer by us to sell to you. It is your response that is the offer. Accordingly, we are not liable to sell you any product that might be quoted at a price lower than that meant by us.

3. Acceptance of order:

We will notify you of our acceptance of your offer to purchase by email shortly after we receive it and at that point a binding agreement between us will be in place on these terms and conditions*. If we do not accept your order for any reason or the price of the product has increased between the time of the order and our acceptance of it (or if a supplementary delivery charge applies), we will email you to advise you of the change. You will then need to resubmit your order. Only credit, debit cards and gift vouchers are acceptable as payment for orders via this site.

*but subject to our right to withdraw such acceptance where your offer relates to goods that have been priced below that which we intended and/or where discounts have been applied or used in error and/or an item is out of stock.

4. Delivery:

We make every effort to deliver all products within 10 working days of acceptance of your order. Where this is not possible, we ensure that your products are delivered within 28 days from acceptance. All deliveries will be made to you at the address specified by you in the order.

We may, at our discretion and expense, deliver parts of your order separately. All deliveries must be signed for and you will be responsible for the products as soon as they are delivered and found to be in conformity to the contract. Ownership of the products shall pass to you once we have received payment in full. If we cannot deliver the products to you at the address you have specified for any reason (other than when we are at fault), we will notify you and store the products at your risk. If you wish us to redeliver the products to you, you will need to authorise us to charge your credit card/ debit card for such re-delivery. If we do not hear from you within 28 days, we will cancel the order and refund your payment to you less any reasonable delivery charges we have incurred.

5. Payment:

For standard delivery we will charge your account for payment at the time that the order is placed. Items which are shipped directly from the manufacturer will be charged at the time of placing the order also. We take every reasonable care to ensure that your order and subsequent transactions are conducted via a secure link. As we are not responsible for the operation of the secure link we will not, unless we are negligent, be liable for any loss you may suffer if a third party obtains unauthorised access to any information you provide via such link. If products are not available for any reason after we have accepted your order, we will let you know. We will not charge you for these products and will refund any amounts already paid (if any) by way of a credit to your credit card/ debit card account.

5b. Failed orders/bank authorisation

If you have placed an order online which has failed the funds will not have been taken from your account. Whenever a transaction is processed through our systems we carry out fraud prevention checks and get authorisation from the bank before the funds are taken.

What's an authorisation?
When your transaction is sent for authorisation, checks are carried out with the payer and receiver’s bank. This is to check that they would like to process the transaction. Then an authorisation request is sent to your card issuing bank to ensure that the funds are available to make payment.

If everything is ok, your bank will place a reserve on your account for the amount of the transaction. This will allow the funds to be taken from your account for the transaction. This is also known as a shadow.

Order failed
After authorisation, your transaction can still fail. If the transaction fails after authorisation the funds will still be reserved on your account. Although they have not been debited from your account they will appear to have been taken. Authorisation can fail for a variety of reasons:

  1. Your credit card number, expiration date or verification code are not entered correctly. The verification code (or CVV) is a physical signature for the actual credit card you are holding and it will change when you receive a new card (with a new expiration date, etc.). Please make sure you enter the correct CVV or verification code for your new card.
  2. Your address is not entered exactly as it appears in your billing statements. You should contact your credit card company to make sure all addresses associated with your account are correct.

How long does this last?
After authorisation has been placed on your account the reserve can last up to 7 working days before it is lifted. This is not controlled by us, and we cannot remove this from your account.

After authorisation has been placed on your account the reserve can last up to 7 working days before it is lifted. This is not controlled by us, and we cannot remove this from your account.

If you would like to get the reserve lifted you will need to speak directly with your card issuing bank. They will be able to help with removing the reserve and making the funds available to you.

Have the funds left my account?
No. The reserve only highlights the funds to be debited from your account. They do not actually remove them. Once the reserve is removed from your account the funds will simply re-appear.

6. Right to withdraw:

You have the right to withdraw from this agreement, but this right ends 14 days after the date we deliver the products to you. You will not have to pay for any products and any amounts you have been charged will be repaid to you by way of a credit to your account within thirty days. HOWEVER, we may have delivered (or dispatched) the products you have ordered. In this circumstance, you must return the products to us and pay the costs in doing so. If you wish to withdraw, please contact us at or complete the Contact Us form which can be found under the 'contact us' link on all pages of our website. Any products returned must be received by us in the same condition and, to the extent possible, in the same packaging as when we delivered them to you. Please note that in addition to your right to withdraw, we operate an Exchange, Refund & Cancellation Policy. You should read this policy as this gives you extra benefits.

7. Warranties:

The products which are sold via this web site have been designed to comply with the statutory legal requirements and relevant safety standards of Ireland. We can therefore make no representation or warranty that any product is compliant with health, safety or other legal requirements which apply outside of Ireland, unless delivery is within the EEA and common EEA Consumer Protection and Safety rules apply.

8. Mistake/Error:

Occasionally, an error may occur; goods may be either incorrectly priced or described, a voucher or discount code may have been incorrectly applied, generated, or redeemed, in which case we will not be obliged to supply the goods at the incorrect price or in accordance with the incorrect description or at all. We reserve the right to correct any errors from time to time. We will (at our discretion) either cancel your order and refund the price you have paid or use reasonable endeavours to contact you and ask you whether you wish to continue with the order at the correct price or description. If we are unable to contact you or you do not wish to continue with the order at the correct price or correct description, we will cancel your order and refund the price you have paid.

9. Additional Screening

From time to time we may carry out additional checks to try and confirm the name and address of the transacting card holder. These additional screening measures are designed to protect the cardholder and retailer and may take the form of a request for some additional proof of identification. Please note that we will not request any sensitive information, we will not keep any information and will dispose or delete as soon as it has been presented and checked. Sporthouse reserves the right to refuse any order for any reason. Orders may be delayed or cancelled where Sporthouse is not given completely accurate information and/or is unable to contact the person who placed the order or cardholder responsible for payment of same. Once you’ve placed an order on the website, we will send you an email to acknowledge your order. This acknowledgement does not imply an acceptance of the order. For orders paid via credit or debit cards, only when the order has been despatched will the purchase contract be made and will you be charged for the goods ordered. Once the items have been shipped you will receive an email informing you of the shipment. If you have paid through a PayPal account, your account will be charged when the order is placed.